Art as an investment opportunity

Since 2012, we have been seeking investment opportunities in the domestic and global art markets.

We curate a portfolio of carefully selected works of art that we believe will experience significant appreciation in the future while relying on advanced economic analysis methods and a deep understanding of the artistic works we invest in.

All our activities are conducted under the supervision and regulation of the Czech National Bank, to ensure the highest level of transparency and accountability.


Our fund is one for qualifiyng investors. We therefore cater to those who are seeking ways to further develop their already diversified portfolios.

As a type of alternative asset, art offers investors the potential for long-term value preservation.


Navigating the art market can be an exciting but also complex and time-consuming journey for individuals.

Our team’s extensive experience in this field allows us to tread the terrain with ease and informed confidence. The strength of our capital enables us to be competitive in both domestic and international art markets.

Artworks from artists,

private collections,

or the secondary art market

Art historical research

Technological expertise

Depository supervision

Financial strategy

Risk management

CNB supervision

Museums and galleries


Auction sales and art fairs

Our proven track record as a reliable business partner and institutional player in the art market has made us a trusted name in the industry.

We don't just analyse the environment – we actively shape it.


Libor Winkler

Founder and Supervisory Board Member

Alexandra Bízková

Chair of the Board

Robert Mečkovský

Board Member

Adam Hnojil

Board Member

Zuzana Železníková

Petr Hlůže

Financial Analyst

Barbora Hrušková

Operations Manager


We take great care to invest only in truly exceptional works of art. For us, the key to a successful portfolio lies in its diversification.

While our portfolio is built on established artists who have demonstrated a continuous growth in value over time, we are also willing to take calculated risks on up-and-coming artists whose talents have yet to be fully recognized by the market.

In addition to investing in a variety of artists, we also diversify across different styles and time periods. We balance classic modernist and post-war art with pieces from old masters and the latest creations from contemporary artists with significant potential for high returns.

Modern Art

45 %

Post-War Art

25 %

Contemporary Art

20 %

Old Masters

10 %

Modern Art


Post-War Art


Contemporary Art


Old Masters



As a growth fund, we increase the return potential of our portfolio by the reinvestment of all revenues and thus maximizing the snowball effect. 

Our investors can realize their returns by redeeming their investment shares.

TVPI (Net Multiple)

55,19 %


4,74 %


Pro arte in detail


Pro arte SICAV


Podfond Pro arte

Fund type

Qualifying Investor Fund

Fund focus

Investing in a diversified portfolio of works of art:
—old masters
—modern art
—post-war art
—contemporary art

Investment strategy

Investing in works of art, i.e. long-term assets with excellent value retention. Returns are primarily achieved through the sale of works of art.

Target fund value

500 million CZK within three years


Class A and B investment shares. Quarterly issuance of shares. Quarterly redemption of shares. Share value set four times per year.

Revenue source

Purchase of investment shares – growth investment fund 

Minimum investment

125,000 EUR for investors in accordance with section 272, subsection 1, letters h) and i) of the Act on Investment Companies and Investment Funds

Investment horizon

Minimum of 10 years

Management fee

2 .5 %

Entry fee

0 %

Exit fee

0 % for redemption after 5 years
5 % for redemption after 3 to 5 years
10 % for redemption in the first 3 years

Fund administrator

Winstor investiční společnost a.s.


RSJ Custody s.r.o.


AUDIT ONE s.r.o.

Regulated by

Czech National Bank, Czech Republic