Jan Knap

Paradise on Earth

13 December 2016 - 13 February 2017

Jan Knap’s intimate stories of harmony are painted in a classic style which completely defies existing trends. His paintings feature a positive world. With endearing stubbornness, he has been allowing his heavenly Jerusalem to experience everyday reality for over thirty years. The Pro arte Gallery exhibition focuses primarily on Knap’s recent works, many of which develop family motifs characterised by composure and compassion. Paintings depicting e.g. angels coming to the aid of Mary and Joseph or playing with baby Jesus are designed to convince us that kind humour and comprehensible stories are still a valid form of authentic artistic expression.

Jan Knap (*1949) initially studied architecture at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Following his emigration to Germany, he went on to study painting with Gerhard Richter at the Düsseldorf Arts Academy (1970–1972). He spent a portion of the 1970s in the USA. The activities of Group Normal, which he founded in 1979 alongside Milan Kunc and Peter Angermann, rank among the small number of contributions made by Czech artists to postmodern art. After a short stay in a Buddhist monastery, Knap went on to study theology in Rome (1982–1984), subsequently working in Cologne (1984–1989) and Modena (1989–1992). He returned to the Czech Republic in the 1990s. He currently lives and works in Planá.

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