Lukáš Musil

Musa vs. Jágr

20 January - 18 March 2016

Musa (Lukáš Musil) won international acclaim primarily as a tattoo artist. In 2015 his works were shown at the prestigious Tatouers, tatoués group exhibition at Musée du quai Branly in Paris. When he started, the art was still in its infancy in the Czech Republic and many of his colleagues relied on copying foreign patterns or on repeating likeable, uncomplicated symbols. Musa, however, managed to combine his craft with a unique artistic approach. He combines drawing and writing, skilfully arranging textual fragments and symbols within a given space to create an original form of expression framed by his signature linear motifs, a unique form of expression which seems to offer a sensation of permanent trembling and vibration, capable of transforming signs into messages and communication into inspiration.

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