The Pro arte investment portfolio includes high-quality works ranging from European Baroque art to classical modern works to contemporary art.

Selected works from the Pro arte portfolio

Emil Filla, Girl Lost in Thought, 1933

The release of individual works for the market as well as the sale price are decided by the fund management following a rigorous economic assessment and on the basis of discussions with potential buyers. Since the Fund’s establishment, its acquisition activities have focused primarily on the classical modern works of the interwar period and on post-war and contemporary art. The portfolio also includes works by the old masters as well as 19th century art. Pro arte owns extensive collections of works by internationally recognized Czech artists including e.g. František Kupka, Josef Šíma, František Foltýn and Toyen. The Fund’s acquisition policy also focuses on contemporary artists, with extensive purchases frequently taking place directly in their studios. As a result, the Fund currently holds representative collections of works by some of the most inspiring contemporary Czech artists including Václav Cigler and František Skála.

Interested parties may view works purchased by the Fund at numerous exhibitions – either focusing on specific topics or dedicated to selected artists – on location at the Pro arte Gallery or within the framework of key domestic and international exhibition projects. Personal inspections of specific works may be arranged in the case of serious interest. The Fund’s offices, located in the Wratislaw Palace in Prague's Lesser Town, provide an ideal venue for discussing a selected work of art.