Art Sales

Would you like to sell an artwork? Consult our independent experts free of charge.

Our specialists will provide free consultations, estimating the market value of your subject and introducing you to various forms of sale, from which you are at liberty to choose the one which suits you best. We will show you how to offer an artwork directly to collectors or help you choose a suitable intermediary from among leading auction houses, antique dealers and galleries in the Czech Republic and abroad. All consultations are provided without cost or obligation.

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Artwork purchasing

Are you considering buying a work of art? Searching the market for specific works of art? Starting a collection?

Our independent experts will help you navigate current market prices and advise you where to look for specific artworks on both domestic and foreign markets. We also offer representation services at auctions and purchase mediation. Pro Arte specialists will help you start an art collection or even set one up for you.

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Artwork insurance

Are you looking for a way to efficiently insure your art collection?

Consult an independent team of experienced experts, learn about the best currently available insurance options and select one according to your individual needs. You are also encouraged to consult issues such as the physical security of your collection.

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Artwork transportation

Are you organizing the transportation of artworks?

Consult with knowledgeable Pro Arte experts; based on years of experience, we will recommend an appropriate specialized company capable of ensuring the safe and professional transport of your valuables.

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Framing, research, restoration

Are you looking for the best way of presenting and storing your paintings, prints and photographs? Do you need to have an artwork expertly restored?

Consult with our experts whose extensive experience will help you select a trusted professional manufacturer of frames and mounts. You may also consult with restoration specialists who will provide advice on suitable storage conditions in order to prevent artwork degradation. We will recommend reliable and professional restoration professionals well equipped for carrying out technological research as well as the restoration process itself.

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Artwork borrowing

Would you like to decorate your interiors with representative works of art without having to invest exorbitant sums?

Come and choose an artwork from the Pro Arte collection; we will gladly loan paintings and sculptures to suit your taste.

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Lectures, seminars and guided tours

Pro Arte will gladly provide you and your clients with the opportunity to take part in expert workshops and seminars lectured by leading specialists in the field of art history, art collecting history, art market, art investments and restoration. We will also arrange guided tours of exhibitions in both domestic and foreign institutions.

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