Pro Arte is the only specialized investment fund in the Czech Republic licensed by the Czech National Bank to provide its shareholders with investment opportunities in the form of major artwork purchases.


A team of internal and external experts – art historians, conservators-restorers and economists – is at its very core. This provides us with a highly efficient approach to the seemingly confusing art market, facilitates its interpretation and helps us predict future developments. Flexibility and specialization within our team are crucial factors in a business where speed and accuracy are decisive.
By systematically collecting Czech and European art from the 16th to the 21st century, Pro Arte constantly expands its collection e.g. by buying from private collectors and galleries as well as directly from living artists, their heirs or through auction houses.


We currently hold a capital of 265 million CZK, which provides us with a significant measure of competitiveness on both the domestic and the international art market. Thanks to the fund’s successful acquisition policy, the current annual portfolio valuation rate exceeds the eight percent benchmark.
Furthermore, risk management constitutes a key element both in portfolio development and in the setup of individual processes. We are dedicated to balancing the emotional plane associated with art with a rational, economically-minded approach.

Těšíme se z umění!

Pro Arte thus constitutes an exclusive platform for sharing the joy of artworks. Entry into the fund’s shareholder structure provides investors with an opportunity to take part in activities designed to develop a state-of-the-art portfolio of fine arts which is significant even outside of the Central European context.

We provide investors with first-class treatment and a range of services besides investing, including e.g. consultations with fund workers, expert reports and valuations of artworks as well as artwork insurance, transportation, restoration and framing.